I can stitch that

Having secured a large, noisy, and dirty creative hobby for outdoors I eventually decided that I needed a small, quiet, and clean creative hobby for indoors. I wanted it to be something which I could do in front of the TV with others around, so writing and guitar playing were off the table. I thought […]

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I can build that

There wasn’t a clear delineation for when we started woodworking. There wasn’t a clear decision by myself or with DeLyle that declared, “We’re woodworkers now.” It just didn’t happen. I was exposed to woodworking at an early age. My dad always had a wood shop in the basement through the 1980’s and 90’s. I learned […]

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I create there I am

I need to feel productive. I need a sense of accomplishment. When I don’t regularly feel that my actions are creating progress my mental health starts to deteriorate and depression creeps in. At the end of my library career I wasn’t getting any of this and it contributed to a significant decline in my mental […]

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GISH 2021

GISH is an annual charity event and festival of creativity which has been happening for the last 10 years, or so. They describe themselves as: GISH is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, a Guinness World Record-setting virtual event designed to bring out the weird, creative, and adventurous sides of people while doing good.

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Wooden Thread Cards

I have two hobbies, at least. One is woodworking. Building furniture and other objects for my house. I was perfectly happy having this be my one main hobby and creative outlet, but you can’t always do woodworking. It’s loud, messy, and demands me to be outside. All of which I love about it, but sometimes […]

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One Day Build: Shadow Box

I grew up with a wood shop in the basement. When I was young my father was an airplane mechanic with a woodworking hobby. There were always tools of all sorts around. He’d make picture frames, small decorative shelves, plant stands, and various other small household items. Being his son, it was only natural that […]

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Cat Box 2.0

If you know anything about us, you know about our cats. You also probably know that we’ve been getting deeper and deeper into woodworking as a hobby for just about the same amount of time as the cats have been in our lives. That is not a coincidence. It all started innocently enough. We adopted […]

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