Cat Box 2.0

If you know anything about us, you know about our cats. You also probably know that we’ve been getting deeper and deeper into woodworking as a hobby for just about the same amount of time as the cats have been in our lives. That is not a coincidence.

It all started innocently enough. We adopted these two kittens and wanted a way to disguise the litter boxes in our little one-bedroom apartment. That gave birth to Cat Box 1.0. After that, we wanted a secure way to allow them outside on the patio of that same apartment, which instigated the catio. Two moves later, we wanted a bigger and better cat box that was both more attractive and more functional than the first version; hence, Cat Box 2.0.

Cat box 2.0 x 3

What’s different about these boxes? Almost everything. Version 1.0 was modeled after an old wooden shipping crate, so gaps and imperfections were part of the design. These are a much more crafted piece with finished edges and more careful assembly, as well as the groovy paint job. Version 1.0 had no bottom. To access the litter box for cleaning we’d simply lift it up and set it aside. These new boxes have removable lids and a solid bottom which is fully sealed. In 1.0 light and ventilation were provided by the gaps between the slats. Here it is provided by port holes around three sides. And the size is different, too. Version 2.0 is approximately the same width, but several inches deeper to help contain litter mess more, and a few inches taller to keep the cats from feeling so closed in.

two kittens on top of a wooden box
Baby Billie and Brubeck standing on Cat Box 1.0

Less than 24 hours after deployment and so far the cat’s haven’t protested nor has our goal of containing litter mess been foiled. We look forward to the cats’ product review in our inbox any day now. We added a slideshow below of the new boxes for some detail shots.

Be safe and make it a good day.

  • three painted wooden boxes for containing cat litter boxes


  1. These cat boxes are beautiful and I think every feline should have one. They also look as though they belong in a museum or an art gallery. Great work! I am inspired to go on my own wood working escapade.


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